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  • How to install TP-LINK wireless router to work with a DSL Modem PPPoE

    How to install TP-LINK wi... 0


    05 Juni 2016 - Note: This article is not relevant to you if you have any of the following conditions. Your modem is a fiber/cable modem. You can get internet...

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  • How to Configure TP-LINK N router as a wireless Access Point

    How to Configure TP-LINK ... 0


    05 Juni 2016 - The article is based on the condition that you already have a router and only want TP-LINK router to extend the wireless network range via a LAN...

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  • X.25 and Frame Relay

    X.25 and Frame Relay... 0


    25 Mei 2016 - Our first example of a connection –oriented network is X.25, which was the first public data network. It was deployed in the 1970s at a time...

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  • The TCP/IP Reference Model

    The TCP/IP Reference Mode... 0


    24 Mei 2016 - The Internet Layer: A packet switching network based on a connectionless internetwork layer. This layer, called the internet layer. Its job is to...

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  • Explain Function of seven Layers of OSI reference model

    Explain Function of seven... 0


    24 Mei 2016 - Physical Data...

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  • Seven Layers of OSI reference model

    Seven Layers of OSI refer... 0


    24 Mei 2016 - Consists of Protocol stack which defines interfaces and services of the protocol at each layer The OSI Model has seven...

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