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35MM Plaza Game

35MM Plaza Game
35MM Plaza Game

About The Game:

Post-apocalyptic story about two travelers who set out on a long journey in the wasteland, left by people after the global epidemic. The disaster destroyed musc of the world's population, the infrastructure went wrong and the common life remained only in memories. The times when a human has adaptted the enveronment for himself have end and now, in order to survive, he will have to adapt to changes.

Title: 335MM


Developer: Hockob Cepren

Publisher: Hockob cepren

Release Date: 28 May, 2016


Size: 2.0 GB


System Requirements:


# OS: Windows XP/7
# Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
# Memory: 3 GB RAM
# Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275, GeForce GT 520,GeForce 8800GT
# DirectX: Version 9.0
# Storage: 3 GB Available Space


# OS: Windows 7
# Processor: Quad Core Processor
# Memory: 4 GB RAM
# Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, GeForce GT 560
# DirectX: Version 10
# Storage: 3 GB Available Space

1. Extract release
2. Mount ISO
3. Install the game
4. Play!

NOTE: Game starts in russian. You can switch it to english in Settings (2nd menu entry)

General Notes:

- Block the game's exe in your firewall to prevent the game from
trying to go online ..
- If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary
to run this game with admin privileges instead


Coming soon...


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