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Google Translate on tap eliminates your need to open any app

Google Translate on tap eliminates your need to open any app
Google Translate on tap eliminates your need to open any app

Google has introduced a new feature to its Translate app called 'Tap to Translate'. It allows users to translate text without the need to switch between apps. The new feature is integrated within the Android clipboard, so users only need to copy the text and an option to translate it will pop up. Google says that the Tap to Translate feature works with all 103 languages in Google Translate and is compatible with any device running Android Jellybean v4.2 or higher. It is not known when this feature will be made available for iOS users.

In addition, Google also announced that Offline Mode for Google Translate will now work on iOS devices. In order to download languages for offline use, users need to tap the arrow icon next to the language name. These language packs are about 25MB in size. Google also announced that it was adding support for Simplified and Traditional Chinese to its Word Lens feature. 

“Of the 500 million people who use Google Translate, more than 9 in 10 live outside the US,” said Google on the launch of a new translation feature in a blog post.

Remeber Now on Tap? The feature due to which pressing the home button on an Android smartphone long enough would result in a contextual search of everything on the screen. Tap to Translate is a similar feature but instead of conducting a search, it translates any language you’re not familiar with on the sreen.

“We know millions of you painstakingly copy-paste text between Google Translate and other apps. Now, you can just copy the text of a chat, comment, song lyric, etc. in whichever app you’re using, and a translation will pop up right there—no need to switch apps,” said Google.


The final feature that Google added to translate will be of special interest to anyone visiting China in the future. “Finally, we’re adding Word Lens in Chinese. It’s our 29th language for instant visual translation, and it reads both to and from English, for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Try it on menus, signs, packages, and other printed text. As with all Word Lens languages, it works offline,” said Google, concluding the blog post listing out the most substantial updates to the leading translation service across the globe.

The update will roll out globally in the coming weeks, breaking the barriers in communication by another brick.

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