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Microsoft leads the pack in cloud computing for the enterprise

Microsoft leads the pack in cloud computing for the enterprise
Microsoft leads the pack in cloud computing for the enterprise

global organizations across a range of industries are planning to move even more of their systems to the public cloud, according to a new  study  from HyTrust. Public cloud refers to cloud computing that allows companies to build, operate, and store software and data in off-site, third-party data centers.

The study, which included survey responses from mostly decisions makers, found that a plurality of businesses are looking at employing Microsoft Azure rather than going with public cloud market leader, AWS.

  • 34% of respondents indicated that they would employ Microsoft Azure for their cloud solutions.
  • 24% of respondents noted their intention to use VMware.
  • 22% of respondents said their company would pursue AWS for their cloud operations.

Microsoft Azure's popularity is likely due to Microsoft's brand recognition as an enterprise software company, as well as its more robust hybrid cloud offerings.

  • Microsoft is one of the only cloud vendors that offers true, end-to-end, hybrid cloud options, managing both public and private cloud aspects,  notes  Tech Republic. And while both Google and AWS offer hybrid cloud solutions, they often outsource their private cloud segment to third parties.
  • Microsoft is well known among businesses as a software provider due to the substantial adoption of its suite of productivity offerings, such as Office 365. As the use of cloud becomes normalized, this exposure within the enterprise is likely to help it close the gap with AWS within the broader market.

Still, for many larger legacy companies, the public cloud is still relatively new territory. Concern over data security, largely wrought from a lack of information, means that many organizations are employing hybrid cloud strategies, rather than moving all of their data across to the public cloud. 93% of respondents said that if security were better they would invest even more in cloud solutions.

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