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Msgsafe.io: How to get spy-like private email

Msgsafe.io: How to get spy-like private email
Msgsafe.io: How to get spy-like private email

MsgSafe.io has announced an email privacy platform called the MsgSafe Mailbox -- a webmail that hides a user’s real identity, email address and location from being discovered.

Unlike other webmail service providers like Gmail or Yahoo, MsgSafe Mailbox users have complete control of their email, domain and privacy in webmail format. Users protect their online identity by creating unlimited virtual email addresses, allowing for a multitude of personas or identities. Virtual email addresses are credible and enable users to send and receive email privately and securely while hiding the email’s source location.

Users create a virtual email address for each person, business or purpose and MsgSafe.io will keep your true email address, identity and location private and protected – eliminating the identifying details or “meta data” that most emails leak. MsgSafe Mailbox makes it easy for users to verify email authentication to protect their domain or brand from phishing scams - fraudulent email messages that appear to come from a legitimate source (e.g., your company, family member, university or bank). Users control what they receive, ignore or block – making it difficult for others to track them, market to them or steal their identity.

“MsgSafe.io users now have the option to use or forego forwarding their identity email messages to their real email address. Now you can view all of your messages from the MsgSafe Mailbox interface just like a regular Inbox. It’s the perfect tool to replace your existing email service provider and reclaim your privacy. Users can protect their online identity whether at home, work, school or traveling abroad. Need to add or delete a virtual email address? Just login to MsgSafe.io to manage all of your email.” says Rachel McPherson, MsgSafe.io’s Director of Operations.

MsgSafe.io also offers location masquerading, allowing users to set the region their email is delivered-from, to further hide the user’s real identity and location. Users can bring their own domain or discreetly purchase a domain through MsgSafe.io to experience even greater flexibility.

Unlike other domain registrars, MsgSafe.io users can create virtual email addresses using their domain free of charge. Optional upgrades allow users to buy a non-referring MsgSafe.io domain and create unlimited virtual email addresses from anywhere in the world.

MsgSafe.io emails are always encrypted, regardless of whether or not a user has chosen to encrypt — and are only decrypted when they are read by the intended recipient. “We are excited to incorporate MsgSafe Mailbox - the most secure, privacy driven webmail solution to users all over the world. Now you can stop telecom companies, governments and hackers from seeing with whom you communicate. Managing your email, domains and encryption from anywhere in the world just got easier with MsgSafe.io.” says McPherson.

Regular user accounts and service will always be free of charge, but compelling premium features are also available starting at $ 3 per month.

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